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January 17, 2013
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Application sheet Combo-lock - Victoire Serngade by Doombox-x Application sheet Combo-lock - Victoire Serngade by Doombox-x
((I added the numbers by the stats as a personal reminder, I hope that's okay :p ))

[Data Update] Character Info//

ID : #MPC4078

Name: Victoire Serngade
Nickname: Vic, Vicky (she absolutely despises them though.)
*Level: 2
*Age: 950 (19 )
*DOB: 21st of july
*Gender: Female
*Race: Pandemonian
*Division: Greed circle


" Catch me, if you can ~ <3 "

"If you want to kill something, you have to catch it first! "


Victoire could be considered a rather normal young lady for being from the greed circle in most aspects. As she doesn't like to share and will often react like a child if someone tries to force her to do so. Often ending up in stealing the object that she wants away from the whom she is supposed to share with. Even if the item was not originally hers. If she wants it , she'll take it and she'll try to give you hell if you try to stop her. The only one she'd probably share something with is her brother Mikhael. And that's only because they're twins and tend to think of each other as one and the same being. the 'what's his is mine and what's mine is his' kind of mentality. Unless she really trusts someone.

She would like to be able to not turn down any challenge she gets. But she's a bit too rational for that. Opting for the easy way out if it's obvious that the opponent is way stronger than her. Even if she hates to lose. Being impulsive is just not really her thing...Unless it's for cherries. She would pretty much do anything to get her hands on a basket of cherries. Because one is just not enough for this greedy little one. If she can have it , she wants it all. If she cant...Pretty big chance she'd be looking for a way to make it possible, no matter how ridiculous the plan.

Pride is also another not-so-very-good trait that Victoire has. She holds pride and family name very high and does not wish to shame them in any way...Or get her own pride/ honour hurt for that matter. A drawback of this is that she gets embarrassed easily. Turning her into a jumbled mess of incoherent words. Though maybe seeing her cheeks turn red might be a nice trait for some people. She despises it though.

Doesn't trust someone that easily Being from the greed circle this should be another average aspect. It could be seen as just being shy but she really has some trust issues. As she's never really able to tell whether someone is trying to scam her or if they're just very nice people.

She's lazy If someone else can do it for her, she won't do it.

Cherries/ Sweets/ Cute things/ Tails / Human ears (don't ask...really , just don't.) / Dark colours / Puppets - dolls / Being right / Mikhael / being lazy.
Sour things / Losing / Being wrong / Humiliation / Losing face / Sharing / Compassionate people (she thinks they're stupid.) / The fact that her cheeks turn red easily - that she's easily embarassed / Shy people (...Hypocrite.) / Her plans failing / Water (it messes with her wings.) Etc...


- Can eat an entire bowl of cherries in half an hour.

- Can sing rather well but doesn't really like it.

- Capable of scaring the bulky-looking non-fighter men of the greedian circle witless. They know who she is and they know she will throw them through a window if they piss her off. 


Victoire was born into one of the more well-off families in the greed circle. Something which gave her quite the nice childhood. After all, her family had enough money to give Victoire anything she wanted and wished for. She even had a twin to play with so they didn't really have to look after the children, they had nannies for that and the children mainly depended on each other and their toy- ...Servants. Of course, as people from the greed circle just happen to be greedy and prideful the two children were taught to control their abilities rather early on in their life so they'd be able to help the family gain more money... Only for them to be separated because of it.

Mikhael seemed to be quite the rarity in the greed division. A compassionate soul midst the never ending sea of con-men and just downright corrupted people. He even preferred to use his ability to heal the souls from their own darkness than to actually harm them. As a result the family often ignored him and focused more on Victoire's training. Strengthening her to be skilled in magic; as , unlike her brother she seemed to be more suited for areal, ranged combat. Whilst her brother became more suited for the close combat (even though he disliked it.). They were like polar opposites in every meaning of the word. And yet, they were as close as could be.

Eventually the treatment Mikhael got from their family could no longer go unnoticed by Victoire. At first it had been little things like separate training, but now they were even trying to pull the two apart by trying to send Mikhael to the slums of the city. "To toughen him" they said. Victoire wouldn't have any of it though and was torn between the two. Becoming a shame to the family and join her brother...Or becoming the pride of her family by abandoning Mikhael. In the end she could do neither and made a promise to her brother. She'd leave as well, to different places within their circle in order to gain riches for her family...And one day , as soon as she could support herself she'd come back for him and go off living by themselves , away from their kin. Not exactly a shameful thing to do. As many of her kin had done so before her. Never for the same reason though.

By the time she did gather all that...Her brother was nowhere to be found. Apparently he went off looking for the key and failed to contact her properly due to her never staying in one place. Wanting to find a place where he could belong.

And yes, you probably guessed it right. We have a clichéd "Yo , have you seen my bro?" Kind of story.

Currently she tends to travell between The greed circle and earth. Searching for her brother -and the key, much chance she'll run into him on the way.- and managing her house in the greed circle so her parents don't suddenly take it over (they're still from the greed circle afterall. with a mindset of "what is brought into the family , stays within the family and belongs to the head of the family." They wouldn't feel ashamed for robbing Victoire of the things she earned with her own money because of this mindset.) So she makes sure to show up in the greed circle at least every 3 days. Afterall, that's how long it'd probably take for one to get rid of the slime bullet she fires at it every time she leaves. The food she lives off is rather varied. Though her favorites are and will always be cherries. She's not exactly fond of the taste of darkness...Thinking it tastes like the goods named "milk chocolate" from the human world. She'd prefer her chocolat bittersweet.

- Due to her control over darkness her entire family is quite sensitive when it comes to light. They easily get sunburns.

- There's only one way for Victoire to take away the darkness in ones heart; She has to get all close and kiss them. (Doesn't really matter where.) As her kind consumes that darkness (basically eats it) that way. Allowing it to strengthen their powers and give them the ability to control it freely.

- The ears and wings are very sensitive to pain. Ripping out all four wings would equal death due to the massive amount of pain. Same goes for entirely cutting off both ears. If a scar is gained on either it will often ache and remain a weakness. Hence why she'd only let someone touch them if she trusted them greatly. As she is basically putting her life in their hands.

- The glowing circles are like vitality-indicators. The brighter they glow, the healthier she is. If they disappear entirely she's done for. They will turn red if she's being controlled. (see the powers for more info about this.)


Prior Ownership: Gloves/ Crystal / Clothes / Her house and everything currently in it. / staff + matching jewelery set (bought in rp - Aamir's shop) / closet full of new clothes.
Store Bought:N/A
Drops: N/A

[Log Sequence] Battling//

*Contract Availability:
Victoire is available for contract though she might be reculant at first. As she hates the idea of being 'owned' like a servant.


[Darkness control]

"magical" side:

- The side that feeds off the darkness in people's hearts and can control it to her will. They can take it away (the feeding) and convert it to the combat-type darkness which is matched up with the item of choice. (In victoire's case the gloves and crystals attached to it.)
Because of this she can also manipulate the people to an extent if she just took the darkness, as it would still be a part of the person for a few minutes. (think of it as if she's slowely sapping it out of them. The brief skin ship (kiss) allowing her to do so.)

It'd allow her to toy with their mind and make them go through their biggest fears. Or control/manipulate their bodies until the darkness has been entirely absorbed.
The bodies would be slow as she's only manipulating them from the outside, she doesn't know their attack and defense patterns so the most they can be used for is to be a "meat shield" (like a puppeteer with it's puppets.) The same goes for when she shows them their biggest fear. She's merely amplifying it with her currently-owned darkness so the poor sod will see their greatest fear inside their mind. Victoire would have no idea what they're seeing. She only manipulates , she really can't see what's going on in their brains.

It is possible though for the target to make the body-manipulation backfire. Causing the roles to reverse. In this case the darkness Victoire just absorbed will go back to the owner and let the young woman be like wax in their hands. Making her the one being controlled instead. Once the original owner reclaimed it's 'darkness' Victoire will most likely pass out. Because it puts a lot of strain on her body.
((For the body-manipulation to reverse a strong mind and will is needed. A hotheaded person should be able to do the trick too though.))

Like said before Victoire isn't really fond of the way her kind feeds. since the lips need to make contact with another person. (be it the forehead, cheek, hand, etc. Doesn't matter at all.) So she usually just spams her fights with the bullets forged by the crystal. She'll only feed if her power is running so low that she won't be able to make proper bullets anymore.

[Size change]
Victoire can change the size of her wings at will (though there are only really 2 size options.) one for Ground-battles and the other for airborne-battles. Though she can never make them disappear entirely. Causing them to still be a weak point of hers even if they're small.


- Gloves: She manipulates her gloves (which have been altered to have some of her powers stored in them) and create two large hands from it which she can stretch , re size and harden to the point where they'd have the same strength as the rolling boulder in the indiana jones movie. They can and will crush, fling and-or rip off limbs from the opponent...Though it slows her down immensely so she doesn't like using it.

- Bullet crystal: She can summon a bullet from a crystal on the palm of her gloves. She infuses them with her power to make them have an explosive reaction. Sometimes she'll make slime bullets with it too , to either slow down or seal the opponents movements...It's also -very- handy to keep unwanted guests out of her house. As it would take at least 3 days to get rid of the black slime jamming the door and windows...Unless you have the crystal that it was made from.

- Staff: recently acquired. It was meant to be a switch-over from her gloves ; so she could combine different clothing items more easily without looking silly. Also a staff would most likely power up her magic too due to it's own magic capabilities. Sadly enough Victoire has not yet learned how to control it and thus it's stuck in it's basic form and more used like a baseball bat than to actually conjure her magic bullets with them. (thus why she still has the gloves, though they have been altered in design.) As she grows more powerful the staff will change form accordingly.


Health: 115
Magic: 165
Attack: 90
Defense: 90
Speed: 200

Battling Style:

Victoire prefers air-battles over ground-battles as she can use her wing's speed to the fullest there. It's also easier for her to become a long-ranged warrior there. As she is pretty much a glass tank. Lots of magic damage...Not much health and defense. In that aspect her battling strategy/ style can be compared the most to rangers/archers from MMORPGs. Getting in all close and personal for close combat is only use when cornered and should be avoided at all costs.

[Main Theme]…
[Battle Theme]…
[Sad Theme]…

- Full-body (old app) :
- Ground-combat ref-sheet :
- Redesign (look here for the new horn shape and clothing style)…

[now lets hope i get in :p ... I hope i didn't forget anything.]

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ariellexsin Dec 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh, she's cute~
PiruuPierrot Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats! You have reached LVL 2! You Lucky dog you~!
You may add +160 SP to your current numbers below!

HP:  75
MGK: 125
ATK: 50 
DEF: 50
SPD: 200
TOTAL: 500

Your total will be 660, Please reply with freshly smoked up stats! :icondojimathumbsupplz:
Doombox-x Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
HP:  115 (75+ 40)
MGK: 165 (125 + 40)
ATK: 90 (50 + 40)
DEF: 90 (50 +40)
SPD: 200
TOTAL: 660
PiruuPierrot Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
added~ Thank you~
psyAlera Dec 14, 2013   Digital Artist
Whoah, she turned out amazing!!! >v< Love her design and colours <333
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Hnngh shdjs such a cool babbu---:icon2kitaplz: can't wait to rp with her~ :iconyaygilbirdplz:
Absolutely love her design, gorgeous <3
Congrats on getting in!! o w o
Milky-kun Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I knew you would get in :heart: Congrats!!
Ur OC is wonderful.
Call me on skype or note me anytime to RP :heart::heart::heart:
aaAAAA what a babe :iconpapmingplz: Love her design!

I'd love to RP sometime :'D
Doombox-x Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yeeees we should~ ground versus sky...I wonder which would win in a fight. XD
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